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Classic White Bread


The gold standard for gluten-free in the bread aisle

The most popular gluten-free, shelf-stable bread product in the USA, Schar Classic White successfully redefines the American staple; without the wheat, barley or rye. Made with an appetizing sourdough flavor and achieving perfection in texture and taste; Classic White is the essential food item for your family's gluten-free pantry.

Product without

  • gluten
  • wheat
  • lactose


  • eggs
  • milk


water, sourdough (rice flour, water), corn starch, potato starch, millet flour, palm oil, rice starch, rice syrup, soy protein, yeast, psyllium seed husks (vegetable fiber), guar gum, sugar, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, salt, calcium citrate, tartaric acid, folic acid.


Serving Size: 30 g (1 slice)

Serving Size Per Container: 13 slices

Calories: 70

Calories from Fat: 15

Protein: 2 g

Total Carbs: 12

Dietary Fiber: 2g (8% DV)

Sugars: <1g

Total Fat: 1 g (2% DV)

Sat. Fat: 1 g (5% DV)

Trans Fat: 0

Sodium: 135 mg (6% DV) 

Cholesterol: 0

Calcium: 4%

Iron: 4%

Vitamin A: 0

Vitamin C: 0

Riboflavin: 0

Thiamin: 0 

Niacin: 0



Analysis per portion

  • Energy value calorie 70/ kcal 70
  • protein 2 lb
  • carbohydrates 12 lb
  • of which sugars 0 lb
  • fat 1 lb
  • of which saturates 1 lb
  • dietary fiber 2 lb
  • sodium 0.12 lb

  1. alessandrorossi

    Great bread but contain modified cellulose.

    I bought for the first time the "Classic white bread" at our local store after checking the Schar website. I was surprised to see that contained modified cellulose. The ingredients on the Schar website doesn't list the modified cellulose.

    7 months ago

  2. Rachel


    Are you having issues with packaging?  The tags on 2 of the loaves I just bought say 1/17/14, but when I opened the one a disgusting smell came out and when I flipped it over the whole bottom is moldy, checked the other and it looks like its starting too.  I don't make a habit of examining a loaf of bread at the store, never had a problem with your products before so I always just check the date on the tag.  But I have to say that was disgusting.

    9 months ago

  3. Brent

    Hi Schar team!!

    Your breads that i have tried so far are all fantastic!!!!  My one complaint, it's not available in Ontario Canada.

    I enjoy your product enough however that i'm willing to travel to Niagara falls NY to get it. Please try to find a canadian outlet! your pruduct will sell here, and the market is larger than you may think....just a thought.

    Great product again though, thanks !

    11 months ago

  4. Jim

    Wonderful Product

    Great taste, excellent consistency, firm and was wonderful toasted along with my omelet! Thank you!

    last year

    1. Troy

      Hi Jim- Thanks for the kind words. The Classic White Bread is certainly one of our favorites around the office. Thanks, The Schar Team

      last year

  5. Debra

    Great product!

    I have tried all different brands of gluten free bread. They all are dry and fall apart but the worst part I found was the sandy residue & taste they leave in your mouth. Yours taste great and doesn't leave a residue! I tryed your 'Classic White Rolls' last night & again you didn't disappoint! Thank you for making my gluten free diet bearable.

    last year

    1. Troy

      Hi Debra- Thank you for the kind words. We do appreciate them! Thanks, The Schar Team

      last year

  6. Ritamarie

    Very disappointed

    I tried your classic white bread for the first time today and was very disappointed. The bread crumbled and fell apart as I opened the package. I have tried your pastas and enjoyed them. I thought your breads would be just as good as the pastas.....very disappointed.

    last year

  7. Anne-Marie

    Bad quality control

    I want to start by saying I enjoy your bread products very much however, I accept they are expensive, the slices are very small and a lot of the slices are broken and crumbly making them impossible to use as slices of bread or toast, but what I don't accept is often the slices have huge holes making the slices almost only the crust and again unusable. I buy a lot of this bread, around $60 Australian dollar a week, so PLEASE do something about your quality control ensuring whole slices. Regards

    last year

    1. Troy

      Hi Anne-Marie- Thank you for the message. We do apologize that our bread was crumbly. Would you please contact our European offices and let them know? Thanks, The Schar Team

      last year

  8. Michelle

    Favorite bread

    I have tried to bake my own and tried other brands. This is the best bread we have found for my son. I feel that it still needs to be toasted for better texture and taste.

    last year

    1. Troy

      Hi Michelle- Thank you for the kind words. Thanks, The Schar Team

      last year

  9. Christine

    recieved moldy bread

    My husband and I have recently needed to start eating gluten free, so instead of hunting around at the stores for your bread, I decided to order two cases of it from this site because my husband eats a lot of sandwiches. I was very disappointed when four of the loaves that I received already had the starting of mold growing on them before I ever opened the packages. This bread is not cheap, and that is a pretty large chunk of my $80 order that we aren't able to use or eat. I am not impressed.

    last year

    1. Troy

      Hi Christine- Thank you for your email. Would you please send an email to Our person in charge of Marketing Communications will be able to assist you. Thanks, The Schar Team

      last year

  10. Jen

    recipe change?

    I was wondering if you guys changed the recipe for the classic white bread. I loved your bread, but recently it has been tasting different. The pieces seem bigger but the texture is not as soft, and it has been falling apart more easily. Thanks!

    2 years ago

  11. Ruth

    Ms. Neeb

    I have been purchasing your white bread along with many of your other products, they are very good, but lately the white bread is very dry and falls apart. it seems to be hit or miss. has anyone else mentioned this? Thank you

    2 years ago

  12. Bettye

    Clasic White Bread

    What did you do to the bread its full of holes and air. go back to the old recipe. At $36.00 acase I dont want bread that falls apart. Bettye Rogers

    2 years ago

    1. Troy

      Hi Bettye- Thank you for contacting us at Schar. We are sorry to hear that our product tended to crumble and break when you opened the package. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products and service so we appreciate you bringing this to our attention so we can get this resolved. Our product quality is very important to us and we would like to alert our Quality Assurance Department of this issue so the necessary measures can be taken. Please provide us with the expiration date on the product and should you be able to provide a picture, Quality Assurance can better identify t

      2 years ago

  13. K.

    texture of the bread

    My son has been eating your classic white bread for the last year. It is the only gluten free bread that if he toasts it, it is edible for him to eat. I just purchased a package and as soon as he opened the package, most of the slices were broken apart. Consequently, he was only able to toast 2 slices out of the entire loaf. The bread seems to be of a different texture than previous loaves that we have bought--more air pockets. Are you changing your ingredients?

    2 years ago

    1. juanita

      Enter text here…

      2 years ago

  14. Margaret

    Classic White Bread

    I normally have no complaints, but I have twice purchased the white bread, opened it, and the slices were falling apart. My granddaughter has Celiac and uses the bread for her lunch sandwiches. Don't mind spending the money for the bread, but want to be able to use it. What's going on??

    2 years ago

    1. Troy

      Hi Margaret- Thanks for your message. We do apologize for the issue with our bread, and we can assure you that these are isolated incidents. Would you please email with this message? Thanks, The Schar Team

      2 years ago

  15. Jane



    2 years ago

    1. Troy

      Hi Jane- Thanks for your message. How long have you had the bread in your home? What was the shelf life? Please let us know. Thanks, The Schar Team

      2 years ago

  16. pam

    thank you

    Schar thank you for this wonderful product. I had a sandwich for the first time in 10 years. And it tasted like a sandwich. I cant wait to try other products. Pa morris

    2 years ago

    1. Carol

      I love this bread also. I hadn't had a sandwich until I found this white bread. It's great toasted and makes great french toast too!! Carol

      2 years ago

  17. Erica

    This is my favorite!

    I've tried many different brands since going gluten-free, but I've liked only one--this one! It's perfect for making sandwiches and toast. It's not too packy like some gluten-free breads, and it's soft enough to remind me of the good ole days of gluten-ous eating!

    2 years ago

    1. Troy

      Hi Erica- We are very happy to hear that you enjoy our bread. Thanks for the positive comments! -The Schar Team

      2 years ago

  18. Connie


    I purchased the classic white bread for the FIRST TIME. I loved it. Alot better than Udi's. The price was higher at $5.79 + tax. More than half the loaf was full of air holes. I could only use some of the bread. I would very much like a coupon. I love the Tagliatelle Noodles. Can't get them here. So when I went to Illinois I purchased a case from a store up there. Can you help with the coupon? Thanks, CJ

    2 years ago

    1. Troy

      Hi Connie- Would you please send an email over to with your mailing address? Thanks, The Schar Team

      2 years ago

  19. Pamela Portia
    Pamela Portia

    gluten-free classic white

    I, too, would love a coupon or 2. I would definitely buy more if the price were right. I buy this product about once a month. It is delicious, although the last loaf I purchased did indeed have many airholes and broke into pieces too small to make a sandwich :( But this bread IS the only gluten-free loaf I have found that is NOT located in the freezers at the grocery store.

    2 years ago

    1. Kaitlyn

      I agree! best bread for gluten free but also a bit hard on the budget... would like to try the other ones too but I find it hard to afford... :(

      2 years ago

  20. VICKI

    gluten free white bread

    This bread is the best I have found by far. Do you ever send out coupons due to the high costs of these products

    2 years ago

    1. Troy

      Hi Vicki- Thanks for the comment. Yes, we actually just had a coupon offer about two weeks ago. Keep checking on here, as well as on Facebook. Thanks, The Schar Team

      2 years ago

  21. Thomas


    Like your classic white bread BUT its full of air holes. At $7.50 a loaf of bread I want bread ,air is free.

    2 years ago

    1. Anna

      Hi Thomas, We're sorry to hear about your experience with our bread. If you would like to give us more detail regarding this, such as where it was bought and the expiration date on it, that would be greatly appreciated. You can e-mail us directly at Best, Anna from Schar

      2 years ago

  22. Carrie

    A perfect substitute

    We are new to the DF/GF lifestyle and have tried a few bread varities. I must say, my son loves your Classic White Bread very much! I'm glad to be able to provide a wonderful alternative for him so he can enjoy all the foods he loved before!

    2 years ago

    1. Anna

      Hi Carrie, We are glad that you enjoy our white bread! Hope you get a chance to try some of our other products! Best, Anna from Schar

      2 years ago

  23. Betty

    Classic white bread

    I have tried several different gluten free breads and this is by far the best white bread ! My problem is that our local Meijer Store can't keep it on the shelves ! It is gone almost as soon as it hits the shelf.

    2 years ago

    1. Anna

      Glad you like it! The best thing you can do is to talk to your store manager/owner. Usually they are great at working with customers! Hope that helps. Best, Anna from Schar

      2 years ago

  24. Jen

    My new favorite bread!

    After trying many different kinds of bread, this one is surely my favorite. It tastes the most like the white bread that I used to eat before going gluten free. This bread is soft and perfect for a sandwich! Thanks Schar!

    2 years ago

    1. Anna

      Hi Jen, We are so happy you enjoy our bread! Hope you get a chance to try more of our products! Best, Anna from Schar

      2 years ago

  25. Melissa

    THANK YOU!!!!

    Thanks Schar! I love this GF white bread. It's fresh and not frozen which makes a huge difference to me. The taste is great just like I remember regular white bread tasting. I have been buying it for quite some time and will continue to buy it. Thanks again!

    2 years ago

    1. Anna

      Hi Melissa, We are so glad to hear you enjoy the bread! Hope you get a chance to try some of our other breads! Best, Anna from Schar

      2 years ago

  26. Geoffry

    So Happy --

    I just bought the White bread and for the first time, I am enjoying a GF bread that tastes great and doesn't crumble. Can't wait to try the other Schar products -- especially the multi-gran and the pizza crust. GF products are slowing getting better -- just as soy products have. Thanks Schar!

    2 years ago

    1. Anna

      Hi Geoffry, We're happy to hear that you enjoy our bread! Hope you get a chance to try more of our products, including our par-baked line. Best, Anna from Schar

      2 years ago

  27. Tonya

    Fantastic Bread

    This bread made me so happy. It is practically impossible to find bread that is gluten free and egg free. It has great form and doesn't fall apart when you have a sandwich. Thank you for creating a food I can enjoy again. I have so missed eating sandwiches.

    3 years ago

  28. Elizabeth

    So good

    Great toasted, holds its shape, can carry a sandwich, has some fiber, low in fat, and is 60 calories a slice. Did I mention that I love the taste and texture? All of this is so hard to find in a GF bread. Great product! Thank you!!

    3 years ago

    1. Jasper

      Dear Elizabeth, Thank you for the kind review! Did you try our Sub Sandwich rolls yet? They are great for sandwiches and can be enjoyed right out of the package or fresh from the oven in 5 minutes. Let us know what you think! Best, Jasper from Schar

      3 years ago

  29. Toscana

    change of receipe?

    One of our twin daughter with Coeliac thinks that you changed receipe, so she doesn´t like it so much anymore? The other girl think there is no difference. We choose Schär products since 14 years, started in Europe and are so happy we can order it in the States as well as we just moved from Europe to Arizona. Our daughters like Schär products the most. Would be happy to have more mix flours as they have in Europe

    3 years ago

  30. cjbadger

    Not even close

    So I chose to be gluten free for health reasons (I don't have Celiac disease or a gluten allergy) and this was the first white bread I saw when looking for some replacement products. It smelled like white bread and it tasted sort of like white bread, but the texture was horrible. It literally was dry and gritty. My wife had to smother it in mayo and mustard just to eat it in a sandwich. It didn't even toast that well. I have tried other products that you have made and this one still needs a lot of work. I now make my own bread and go to a gluten free bakery.

    4 years ago

  31. Zoemer1

    excellent bread

    Excellent! I have missed being able to sit down and make a sandwich. The breads i have tried were always frozen and had to be toasted to hold together. This was one of the best I have found!

    4 years ago

Good bread good living

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