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Classic White Rolls


Gluten-free White Rolls

These soft, preservative-free, and uniquely versatile sliced rolls are made from an appetizing mix of corn, rice, and millet; great for hamburgers, sandwiches or any other bread occasion. A must-have for your gluten-free pantry.

Product without

  • gluten
  • wheat
  • lactose


  • eggs
  • milk


water, rice starch, rice flour, corn starch, millet flour, psyllium seed husks (vegetable fiber), rice syrup, sunflower oil, yeast, modified cellulose, soy protein, salt, calcium, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin.


Serving size: 1 roll (75 g)

Servings per container: 4 rolls

Calories: 190

Calories from fat: 20

Protein: 3g

Total carbs: 37g (12% DV)

Dietary fiber: 4g (16% DV)

Sugars: 3g

Total fat: 2g (3% DV)

Saturated fat: 0g

Trans fat: 0g

Sodium: 130 mg (5% DV)

Cholesterol: 0mg

Calcium: 15%

Iron: 15%

Vitamin A:  0% 

Vitamin C:  0%

Riboflavin: 20%

Thiamin: 20%

Niacin: 25%

  1. Dee

    best gf hamburger bun

    these are the best rolls for hamburgers that i have tried! excellent texture and flavor. beats all other gf hamburger buns (and yes, even udi's,,,bleh!). they come pre-sliced making it much easier than some others on the market. i spread a little coconut oil or non dairy butter on both sides and pop under the broiler for 2-3 min. perfection! my teenage son loves them!!!!

    5 months ago

  2. PTG


    I purchase these through a military commissary and needed more as they've been out.  I ordered what I thought was the same product through a large internet shopping source and received rolls by the same name but these contain soy.  Can you tell me if this is standard now that they're produced in the States?  

    last year

  3. Nina


    I thought i found a great roll for my daughters lunch. She said it was very dry and fell apart on her. She threw it out. I thought she might have I tried it imyself the next day and it was like we left it out in the sun for a day. I was very dry and crumbled even from pulling it apart. They were not cut through the middle either. We probably will not buy these again. I went by the storing directions as well. No good!

    last year

  4. Customer Care Team
    Customer Care Team

    The entry has been deleted.

    last year

  5. Scott

    Slice them all the way through please

    Is there anyway you can slice these rolls all the way through?  My son loves these rolls for his hamburgers but by the time I get them out of the wrapper and finish cutting them, they disintegrate into many little pieces.  I wouldn't mind purchasing your product and paying the extra costs for only four rolls but when you end up throwing 2 of the four away it becomes a little rediculous.

    Otherwise the product seems to be enjoyed by my gluten intollerant son.

    Thank you.

    last year

    1. Customer Care Team
      Customer Care Team

      Slice them all the way through please

      Dear Mark W.

      Our Classic White Roll is going through some adjustments since the rolls are now being made in our NJ Manufacturing Facility and our European ingredients are not performing as they should.

      We are happy to tell you that we have just recently met with our Quality Assurance and R&D teams and changes are in place to make the Classic White Roll what it should be -- a Classic!

      Our latest production runs have been very successful and we know you will be happy with this ‘made in America’ Classic White Roll.

      We value you as a Schar consumer and hope you will continue to choose the Schar brand.

      Have a great gluten free day,

      The Schar Team

      last year

  6. kristiemarie617


    I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the flavor, a lot of gluten free bread just tastes terrible so kudos to you guys for that. However, by the time I got to the last 3 bites of my burger, the roll started falling apart, it literally crumbled in my hand and fell to my plate.  I know its difficult to make gluten free bread crumble free as well but I really like the taste and if they would just stay together they would be my favorite. 

    2 years ago

  7. delmond

    very disappointed

    I am new to your products and am very disappointed... not sure I would take the risk of buying another of your products to try because of the quality of these buns. 

    The buns are so unevenly cut the bottoms are barely toastable.  The tops were basically unusable because the middle half were gouged out by the way they were cut... they petty much just fell apart.  I have pictures if anyone with the company is interested.  Based on the comments I've seen I'm not sure anyone is interested.

    2 years ago

  8. Welsly

    Wonderful buns

    We have been gluten free for just over 18 months.  We have missed good hamburgers.  We tried these and just love them.  We butter the insides and brown them in a skillet.  These toast up a beautiful brown and taste really, really good.  We are so pleased to have found these.  

    2 years ago

  9. Pat

    They used to be good

    These rolls used to be my favorite. Now, the recipe has apparently changed and I've decided to use a different product. I've tried buying them several times in the last couple months hoping that there was just a bad batch or two. They used to be worth the extra money but now they are crumbly, dry, bland tasting . Not worth wasting my money on anymore. 

    2 years ago

  10. Joshua

    What happened to the white rolls?

    I have been buying your Classic White Rolls for several years now, but ever since you changed the formula, I have noticed that they are not splitting properly and are too dry.  I thought it was an isolated incident at first, but the problem is occurring in every pack I buy from our local Jewel store (I buy them about every two weeks).  The crust tends to break away from the dough and crumble, the tops are thin, and the bottoms contain a large "button" of dough in the centers, as if the splitter is not cutting all the way through.  Usually, in two or three rolls in every pack, there are very large air pockets in the dough and the rolls are not usable, except as bread crumbs.  Hopefully, you can fix this or I will need to switch to another brand.

    2 years ago

  11. droberts101

    Please stop pre-cutting the white rolls

    I LOVE Schar products, but really HATE the pre-cut rolls.  Why did you start doing this?  They fall apart EVERY time!  They also taste stale instead of soft like they used to be.  I gave them one last try tonight with our hamburgers, but alas, they're destined to be bread crumbs.  Such a waste! 

    PLEASE bring back the uncut rolls!  We all have knives in our kitchens to cut them ourselves! :)

    2 years ago

  12. betania

    Why the change?

    I've come to find that Schar offers consistently wonderful products.  However, I was very disappointed with the new "pre-cut" rolls vs the regular non-cut rolls I was used to.  Now that they are pre-cut, they've lost quite a bit of their softness and nice texture which is what I loved about them.  Why the change?  Did the recipe change too?  I'd love to see the others back.  These are just not the same and do not seem to have staying power when it comes to softness.  

    2 years ago

  13. bobbi


    My dad (70 years old ) was diagnosed Celiac, 9 months ago. He is a bread and cake lover. I have been making his breads in the bread machine and he says they are "Not bad". Udi's is "yukky", I bought these rolls at Uncle Gusieppi's, he LOVES them. He says they are the first "real bread" he has had in nearly a year. Thank you soo much for making them. Now if only I could get them in my local super market.

    2 years ago

    1. Troy

      Hi Bobbi- We are very happy to hear that your dad likes our products. Since you are buying them at Uncle Gusieppi's, I'd assume that you are located on Long Island? If that's the case, we can provide you with a list of stores that carry our rolls. Thanks, The Schar Team

      2 years ago

  14. kim

    a better burger

    these rolls make an almost perfect hamburger bun. so tasty, fluffy in a good way. products like these make meal planning easy.

    3 years ago

    1. Troy

      Hi Kim, Thanks for the kind words. -The Schar Team

      3 years ago

  15. william


    hey i buy the classic white rolls and when i get them home and go to make a sandwitch there really not in that good of shape i cut them and they spread apart they use to be in good shape but lately they are not why is this happen ugh

    3 years ago

    1. Troy

      Hi William- Thanks for your email. Can you please forward this to We can assure you that this is an isolated incident, and we hope that you continue using Schar products. Thanks, The Schar Team

      3 years ago

  16. Jacqueline

    Delicious!! Please consider a small change to the packaging. :)

    I bought my 1st package of Schar classic white rolls a couple weeks ago. It is the most delicious GF bread I've eaten! However, 2 rolls spoiled before I could enjoy them. Would it be possible for Schar to modify the packaging slightly so that the 2 sides of rolls could be independently airtight & last longer? Since the packaging is already molded around the rolls, it would only take 1 additional seam in the middle to add even more longevity to your wonderful product. Thanks for considering this!

    3 years ago

    1. Troy

      Hi Jacqueline- Thanks for the kind words. We will forward this information to our R&D team. Thanks, The Schar Team

      3 years ago

    2. Tilde

      I think this is an excellent idea as well! If they were packaged like the parbaked sub rolls, but with 2 to a side, it would be perfect!

      3 years ago

  17. Erica

    Amazing, Thank You!!

    My mother & I bot have Celiac & have been eating our cheeseburgers without a bun for quite some time now. I recently picked up these rolls and without a doubt they are soo amazing. This summer will have alot more BBQ for us having our burgers on buns. Thank you so much for this product.

    3 years ago

    1. Anna

      Hi Erica, We are so happy to hear that you like out rolls! Hope you get the chance to try some of our other products! Best, Anna from Schar

      3 years ago

  18. Holly

    Classic White Rolls

    Wow, these are fantastic!! I'm 10 days into eating GF and naturally still learning which brands & their products are tasty. I will definitely be trying more GF products from Schar!!

    3 years ago

    1. Anna

      Hi Holly, Glad you like them! Hope you get a chance to try more of our breads and products! Best, Anna from Schar

      3 years ago

  19. Allison

    White Buns

    Thank you for the white buns. I had my first hamburger the other week since being diagnosed with Celiac. It tastes the closest to a regular hambuger bun.I was so happy to be able to eat what the rest of my family can eat.

    3 years ago

    1. Anna

      So happy you enjoyed them Allison! Hope you are able to try more of our bread and rolls - like some of our parbaked items! Best, Anna from Schar

      3 years ago

  20. Susan

    white buns

    first time i tried these i almost cried. finally a roll that tastes wonderful !!!!!!! i also bought some ciabatta rolls havent tried them yet but im sure they are good too!!!!!!! thank you sooooooooo much.

    3 years ago

    1. Anna

      Hi Susan, We are so happy you enjoy our white rolls! And the Ciabatta are delicious, my personal favorite, so let us know what you think of those! Best, Anna from Schar

      3 years ago

  21. kristi

    1st Hamburger since being diagnosed

    YEA!!! Finally a bread product I like. I cried the first time I tried this roll. It is the closest to the real deal that I've tasted. Thanks

    3 years ago

    1. Anna

      We are happy you like it! We also have a great parbaked line that you should try if you get a chance! Best, Anna from Schar

      3 years ago

  22. Joe

    Classic White Rolls

    did not like these rolls, neither the texture or taste was appealing.

    3 years ago

    1. Anna

      Hi Joe, We are sorry you did not enjoy them. If you would like to tell us more, you can e-mail us directly at Best, Anna from Schar

      3 years ago

  23. Tressa

    Very Good

    After the disaster of trying the Multigrain bread I was hesitant to try these Classic White Rolls, but I was surprised. They were really good! I used them for hamburger buns and they were just about as good as the real thing. Best GF hamburger buns I have had so far. :)

    4 years ago

    1. Anna

      Hi Tressa, Glad to hear that you enjoyed the buns! You should try out par-baked Ciabatta Rolls as well! Best, Anna from Schar

      3 years ago

  24. Susanne

    Love your rolls

    I love these rolls! They are the best gluten free bread product I have found in the 4 years I have been told to eat gluten free.

    4 years ago

    1. Anna

      Dear Susanne, Glad you enjoy them! Hope you get a chance to try our other rolls - like our parbaked items! Best, Anna from Schar

      4 years ago

  25. Ron


    Purchased Classic White Rolls on 11/21/2011, opened them on 11/24/2011 and one of them had mold. The package didn,t have any punctures in it. Package sell by date Mar/11/2012 E. My wife really likes your products-hope this helps to indentify a possible packaging problem you might have.

    4 years ago

    1. Anna

      Hi Ron, We are sorry about the experience you have had with our products. We do appreciate you bringing this to our attention and we will inform quality assurance of it. We do encourage you to bring it back to the store for a full refund of your money. Again, our apologies. Best, Anna from Schar

      4 years ago

  26. Jenna


    I was not pleased with these classic white rolls. I tried them twice hoping that I would just get used to them, but I didnt. I do like most of the other products but was NOT impressed with these.

    4 years ago

  27. xx@xx Gargulka
    xx@xx Gargulka


    plnené artičoky, no je to delikatesa, ktorú som jedla len raz, no to je báseň.....

    4 years ago

  28. Genevieve

    Crumbly and unsatisfying

    Rolls have the consistency of very crumbly styrofoam. They fall apart quickly even after they are toasted. They taste ok, but the consistency is very powdery and they soak up all of your saliva when you bite into them, making them very hard to swallow. Trying to eat a burger on these buns was worse than eating it on two slices of Udi bread. Very very sad. :(

    4 years ago

  29. jess2mess

    Jessica C.

    These rolls are GREAT!! I wish that more of your products were available in my area. Can't wait to try more.

    5 years ago