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Gluten-free pasta, the perfect cut for soup

A unique pasta cut from Italy, perfect for soup and other specialties. Winner of the 2014 Sapore Dell'Anno, an Italian award for best pasta.

Product without

  • gluten
  • wheat
  • lactose


  • eggs
  • milk
  • soy


corn flour, rice flour, pea protein, mono- and diglycerides
May contain: soy  

  • With Pea Protein: increases the protein content of pasta
  • Delicious in your favorite soup
  • Ideal for children of all ages 
Serving Size: 1/3 cup (55 g)
Servings per container: 6 servings 
Calories: 190
Calories from fat: 15 
Protein: 5g
Total carbs: 40 (13% DV)
Dietary fiber: 1 g (4% DV)
Sugars: 0
Total fat: 1.5 g (2% DV)
Sat. fat: 0.5 g (3% DV)
Trans fat: 0
Sodium: 30 mg
Cholesterol: 0
Calcium: 0
Iron: 4%
Vitamin A: 0
Vitamin C: 0
Riboflavin: 0
Thiamin: 0
Niacin: 0

  1. CaSau


    Love this pasta and so does my vegan sugar free gluten free daughter! Thank you for a fab and tasty product! 

    10 months ago

  2. Sherri4950

    I'm so excitred to have discoverIng Anellini pasta! On Valentines Day, my Allergist informed me, I was  allergic to Wheat, Barley, Pure Cane Sugar, Dairy, tomatoes and anything that is citrus or could turn to sugar. I thought, what the heck? What in the world was I to eat? After countless hours of reading food labels, I found your pasta! What a life saver! Now, if I could just find a way to bake breads and sweet tasting snacks...I may not feel so cheated...

    Thanks again, Sherri Brown


    last year

  3. Lia


    I love this pasta in my soups. It taste identical to regular pasta. My family didn't know the difference.

    3 years ago

    1. Anna

      Hi Lia, Glad you enjoy the anellini. Hope you get a chance to try our other pastas. Best, Anna from Schar

      2 years ago

  4. Mary Lucy
    Mary Lucy


    This is the best pasta for soups ever! I have been missing acini de pepe and orzo for years now and anellini fit that void. The only problem is it is hard to find. Please try to promote this pasta to the stores who already carry the bread & bread mixes and crackers. THANKS!

    3 years ago

    1. Anna

      Dear Mary, We are happy to know that you enjoy our pasta. The best way for you to get our products in your local store is to use our Product Request Form which is located under our "Gluten-free products" tab on the top of this page. Best, Anna from Schar

      3 years ago