• Gary
    Gary posted a comment on the article Contact our Customer Care Team

    2 days ago

    I've been purchasing Schar's products for approximately 3 months and have always been very happy with the quality. For the Thanksgiving holiday I purchased the baguette's and had an issue with one of the 2 packaged. One was completely hollow for 2/3rds of the length and was not useable. The other was of the usual high quality. I thought that letting you know would be helpful in your quality control. Thank you. Gary

  • jm3275
    jm3275 posted a comment on the article Contact our Customer Care Team

    2 days ago

    I love having more GF choices on the shelves in standard grocery stores - however, the turn over is not as quick. I just opened a "fresh" loaf of of Schar Artisan white bread to make toast and it was moldy on top ...so dissapointed. I checked the little plastic tab closure for an expiration date and it was 2/28/16! This bread is too expensive for this to be acceptable.

  • sykema
    sykema posted a comment on the article Contact our Customer Care Team

    4 days ago

    l was so disappointed!  I just opened up a new package of the Artisan Baker Multigrain Bread, with a date of 1-24-16 on it, and there was green mold on the bottom corner of every slice!  So much for a sandwich.  I took a picture, but can't figure out how to attach it to this comment - I'd be happy to send it if you give me an email address.





  • debbie
    debbie posted a comment on the product Ciabatta

    7 days ago

    In the stores these are often not avaibale, however I dont need 7 packages and I am afraid they will go bad. Any suggestions on how to keep them fresh

  • stefana126
    stefana126 posted in the forum Diet/Question for Customer Service

    9 days ago

    I purchased your gluten free bakers white bread and the bread has holes in the bottom layer. I've had your multigrain but I just found out that I can't have buckwheat. The multigrain was fine, all one piece slices but your white is not too great. It tastes great but there is not to much bread to the slice. Are all the white breads made like this? I would hate to spend $5.00 to $6.00 a loaf for so little a portion of bread.

  • Eddie
    Eddie posted a comment on the article Buy Online

    last month

    I am from Palm Coast, Florida and was surprised when I went to Publix (The largest supermarket in Florida), but they did not carry Shar products. I requested that they attempt to get me some shortbread cookies by Schar. They called me last week and advised me that they could not get them since their supplier does not carry Schar. I also attempted to buy them at a health food store and they did not carrying them either. Apparently, I can obtain my favorite cookies at Walmart if I purchase a case of twelve. A large purchase like that can be a burden to many not only pricewise, but also with lack of space for others.

    I think that Gluten free items are growing at a qucick pace and therefore Schar should make them available in Florida. We need tasty Gluten free products like Schar in Florida.

  • Aheddle
    Aheddle posted in the forum Diet/Croissants

    last month

    Are the croissants yet available in the us? Thanks!

  • LisaDS
    LisaDS posted a comment on the product Artisan Baker White

    2 months ago

    I loved the original white bread recipe. Since honey has been added to both the white and multigrain, I've had to stop buying your products. Please consider making this recipe vegan by removing/replacing the honey. Thanks!!

  • orbitmars
    orbitmars posted a comment on the product Chocolate Dipped Cookies

    2 months ago

    Thank you for offering a Gluten free product.  I would like to know if they are GMO-free? (many of your ingredients are highly suspect for GMOs.)

    Thank you!

     ALL very suspect for GMOs (unless they are organically sourced): sugar, soy lecithin), corn flour, potato starch, sugar, palm oil, corn syrup, milk powder

  • LisaDS
    LisaDS posted a comment on the product Artisan Baker Multigrain

    2 months ago

    I loved the old multigrain bread. Please consider replacing the honey with a vegan alternative so the vegan community can continue to buy this wonderful product.