• Jennifer
    Jennifer posted a comment on the article Buy Online

    7 hours ago

    I am moving to Florida shortly and to my surprise Schar products can't found in Fl. If I try to purchase them online some of the products are almost double to what I pay in NY. This is very upsetting to me due to the fact Schar is the only brand I like.

    Why aren't Schar products in Florida???

  • needglutenfree
    needglutenfree posted a comment on the product Artisan Baker White

    last month

    For the last five weeks every loaf of the Artisan Baked White Bread has been under baked.  There has been a hard or gummy looking substance in the lower middle portion of the bread.  It does not matter where I buy it or what the expiration date is.  This is very disapointing since prior to this it was the very best gluten free bread on the market and at least $6.49 a loaf, this is too expensive to waste after I cut out the under baked portion.  I purchase at Giant Food and Harris Teeter in the Rockville, MD area.

  • Rachopeth
    Rachopeth posted a comment on the article Contact our Customer Care Team

    last month

    Hi, I just wanted to take the time out to congratulate you on a fantastic tasting loaf of bread (both your white and seeded).  I love the flavour, especially toasted. It tastes just like I remember bread to take like (it's been 4 years now).  My only worry is that it tastes too good. Thank you again for your amazing product.

    I'm one happy coeliac!

    Have a great day

    Rachel Beamish

  • GGuttman
    GGuttman posted a comment on the article Contact our Customer Care Team

    last month

    I was very surprised today when I went to the store to buy by Schar Table Crackers, the packaging appeared different and since I have food allergies it prompted me to read the ingredients again.  I was very disappointed to find that you are now using Soy flour.  I haven't been able to eat other Schar products because of your use of Soy but I have always enjoyed the table crackers.  Now I won't be able to eat them either.

  • Jenane
    Jenane posted a comment on the product Artisan Baker Multigrain

    last month

    I love this bread!  Please don't change a think about it.  I have tried other gluten free breads and was very disappointed in texture and taste.  Most you have to toast just to eat it the bread.

    However this bread is great, I can now have my faviorate sandwiches.  Sometimes I just grab a slice for a snack.  I think the  honey adds great flavor, great texture and very tasty.

    I came across this bread in WalMart Neighborhood Market.

  • gorcha12
    gorcha12 posted in the forum Diet/FODMAP

    last month

    Many people who follow a gluten free diet (Coeliacs, IBS, IBD and Gluten sensitivity) are not free of all symptoms until they realize they must follow a low fodmap diet.  These are on the increase and  I am one of these.  I used to buy my daily bread and sweets Schar products but now I cannot mainly because they include - among other high fodmap ingredients -the apple fibre in most of their staple products.  Could Schar please try substituting these  ingredients?

  • TereJane

  • TereJane
    TereJane posted in the forum Products/Where in England

    last month

    I was recently in Belgium and was amazed  by the number of Schar products in one supermarket. Where I live it is ipossible to buy many GF products in one place and what a supermarket has today might well not be avaialbe for months to come if I want it in a week's time.

    Is there anywhere in the UK that I can order Schar products without having to trawl through the supermarkets one by one?

  • ara05499
    ara05499 posted a comment on the product Artisan Baker White

    2 months ago

    The package states that the contents should be consumed within 2-3 days after opening (even storing it in the refrigerator).  Is it possible to keep the bread refrigerated and still use it for 4 or 5 days?  Even though it's a small loaf, I'm just looking to extend it's useful life.  Other than that, since going gluten free, this is one of the best breads I've tried!

  • MonicaRosie
    MonicaRosie posted a comment on the article A Flaky Warm Gluten-Free Croissant: The Next Big Wonder From The Schar Bakery

    2 months ago

    I'm in Texas....and can't figure out how to buy online and can't figure out where to purchase in a store.